Wading Through the Muck

Gobbledygook. That’s the word that comes to mind when I think of some of my frustrations this past week. We just concluded our third week of school so you can say things have “settled” into place. My students and I are getting to know each other. We are getting into a routine. Things are getting more comfortable. And yet, when the rubber meets the road, we sometimes learn that we gave more challenges than anticipated. 

I am so thankful and blessed to work in a district with 1:1 technology at the middle and high school levels. Students now have iPads and I was so excited to start using them. However, there were hiccups. Gobbledygook. Muck. It was unpleasant and it tried my patience. Sometimes great expectations come crashing down with the reality of things that you had not anticipated.

I’m realizing that I cannot expect to do things the same as I did last year with Macbook Air laptops. iPads are different and that is one of their strengths. I’ve also realized that there is so much more to learn. Perhaps I need to personally force myself to use my iPad even though I often gravitate to my laptop. My biggest question of the week is how do other schools do this? (what kinds of learning is going on in a 1:1 iPad situation at the middle school level, what apps are they using, etc) This is where I definitely have more to learn. With so many apps (and yet so few as my students are limited right now) what can I do to best utilize this technology and make learning more meaningful for my students? This is my desire as an educator. Each day is a fresh start and I am committed to keep on learning and wading through the muck. 


2 thoughts on “Wading Through the Muck

  1. I’m in the same situation with two content areas…math and science. For me, what has helped is easing the students into something they are already familiar with like Keynote. We started a “special number” project and a lab report using Keynote. We also started using a few Internet-based sites like “Moby Math” and have been working in centers. I understand the “gobblygook” because it’s a major paradign shift for all of us! Hang in there…it will get easier with time.

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