Think Positive


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Recently, I have been reminded that it is important to notice the good things in life. It is so easy to get caught up in the negative and only see what is wrong or challenging. I get frustrated when my students complain about an assignment because they don’t want to read. I get frustrated when I see certain people I am friends with on Facebook that only ever have things to complain about. I get frustrated when my colleagues bring up the same issues over and over again and seem to think that all or most problems could be fixed by going back to what we had last year.

I am reminded, however, that I cannot change others. I can only change myself. One of the high school teachers in my district is writing a blog documenting the positive things in her life. She started by doing this for 365 days and is now past 1000. Her idea inspired me to remember the positive things in life and keep my joy even when it seems I’m surrounded by negativity.

In that spirit, here are some great things that are happening this school year:

1. Today, one of my most notorious complainers had a good day and proceeded to announce this fact to me when he saw me later in the day. I agreed, smiled, and reminded him to keep it up! It was great to share a positive moment with him when I often struggle to motivate him in class.

2. On Monday I made a student’s day (it also happened to be his birthday) by giving him some mixed berries from my lunch. He ate them in about 5 seconds and raved about how delicious they were. He had asked me to bring him some for weeks since he saw me eating them once.

3. My Digital Portfolio class has really turned a corner. They are blogging every week and their posts are improving. I love the blogging portion of the class because I get a window into my students’ lives and what they are learning in school. The experience has been very positive!

4. Technology hiccups are slowly disappearing! We get to submit our app requests this week and hopefully the apps we would like will be added to the students’ iPads soon!

5. I have great co-workers! They are always there for me and we have a lot of good conversation even if it is sometimes just joking around.

I’m so thankful for what I have and need to remember to focus on the little things that make life great!


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